Einsteinian Roulette is starting to spawn fan games from players. These games are related to ER in a way or another, but do not affect to the main game in any way. You can easily spot these games on forum by [FANGAME] tag in thread title.

Reliving pastEdit

Author: AoshimaMichio

This game is minimalistic RTD running on straight d6. It started as opportunity to fight against old famous characters as a "team" using players current characters. Only after two rounds (Ivan the Altered and Erik the Hallelujah!), it escalated into full player vs player capture of flag. More PvP rounds are coming, as well as originally intended famous fights.

Currently, it is Miyamoto in his avatar vs all who sign up.

Game thread

Xan Vs The World!Edit

Author: Execute/Dumbo.exe

As you can tell, this game is all about shapeshifting Xan fighting against just about everybody.

Game thread

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