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Extraphysical Cutting Aura
Category Exotic
Cost 5
Standard Clip Size
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements None
Origin ARM

A metallic organ that is implanted in the abdomen, amongst the intestines. It fuses with surrounding tissue and appears to leach nutrients from the blood and partially-digested food. It appears to grow over time and may have harmful effects in the long run. Allows the subject to produce a thin, silvery aura on any part of their skin, which resembles a sort of heat haze or shimmering mirage. This aura allows the subject to cut, pierce, puncture, slice, tear, and rip with force akin to that of a blade, drill, or even laser using nothing but their bare skin. The range of the aura is so low, however, that the subject has to make physical contact with the surface for it to work, and it won't work through clothing or any other covering (like a spacesuit). It also only works with natural human skin and won't work through prosthetics.

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