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Category Unonventional
Cost 1 token for 2
Standard Clip Size
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements None
Origin Miyamoto de Bergerac (ARM)

Description: It's an electricity grenade that throws around electricity like a tesla arc, and has different intensity settings so you can choose how hard you wanna make somebody's life suck today. Higher intensities drain the blueshard battery faster (it has a timer so you can choose for how many seconds it works before shutting off), and the internal components burn out and become useless when the battery is spent. Percentages are per second used (so 3 seconds at 8% drains 24% total). Comes with a delay timer to choose how long it takes the grenade to go off. Brisant compatible, with standard Brisant grenade functions.

  • 2% taser power, stuns unarmored people but doesn’t kill or harm them
  • 8% kills unarmored people
  • 20% kills lightly-to-medium armored people
  • 40% full power, kills anything not very well insulated against electricity

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