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Welcome to the Einsteinian Roulette WikiEdit

This is the Einsteinian Roulette wiki, a centralized community-driven repository aiming to collect all the information about this forum game in one place. The game itself is finally finished after over four years of wild gaming.

The game in its current form is finished. The epilogue was posted here.

This is a work in progress, so any help or input is appreciated. Remember, the more complete this wiki becomes, the less you'll have to search later! Just adding general text is fine, but if you want to add new categories or change the structure of the wiki, hop over to the Community page (found on top of the page) and click the Discussion tab so you can propose it to the rest of the community.

It could be a good idea to read Guidelines for Editing before editing.

If you don't know where to start, a good place to look would be the Wanted Pages.

You can usually find players hanging out in or on IRC (also accessible via Web Client ). Nowadays, people mostly use the IRC channel. Discussion is real-time and not always directly ER-related. Logs for the IRC chat can be found here:

Which of the following games would you like to see pw run the most? Note that current ER will get an epilogue regardless of which game comes next.

The poll was created at 18:49 on March 4, 2016, and so far 46 people voted.

Main pagesEdit

Mission informationEdit

  • Mission Synopsis Here you find information about past missions.
  • Current Mission Information Information on the current mission. If you have questions about your objectives or are looking for a map of the area, look here.
  • Team Fund Mission fund for arming newbies and wiki jobs to earn tokens.

Game mechanics and in-game informationEdit

  • Armory List of all the weapons, gadgets and items one can buy
  • Player Market A list of items and jobs currently available from other players
  • Stats and Skills Information about the different stats 'n skills, as well as the things they are used for.
  • Character Index List of all player characters, living and dead, along with basic information about them and links to in-depth profiles.
  • Paracelsus' Sword Information about the ship as well as the various services provided
  • Hephaestus Information about our forge world
  • Nyars boxes List of items bought from Nyars
  • The War Effort Information about the various assets against the UWM
  • Artifact Data information on the various artifacts recovered on missions
  • Auxiliary Tools List of all software, both publicly available and purchasable
  • Tinker Information about tinker, including tips and useful know-how
  • Green Storm AI Overlord Mind Control programs and you

Background/worldbuilding informationEdit


  • Fanart
  • Fan games
  • Page of Mysteries A list of mysteries that have appeared in Einsteinian Roulette, many of which have distressing implications.
  • The Doctor's Cipher A cipher provided by Piecewise, which likely contains very interesting knowledge. The first person to solve the cipher will get paid.
  • Limbo Where the dead people go. Supposedly, anyway. Mostly used for testing new Piecewise game systems.
  • ARMISTICE VR Training Program Training Program for ARM NPC guerrillas. Not actually usable by PCs (or, well, you could, but ~89% of it is abstracted away, so...)
  • ER Talk Links to ER Talks and transcripts.

Latest activity

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