This is where a synopsis, as well as links and related information about past missions will be kept.

Mission 1 (It's Back Baby)Edit

Briefing Mission Start Debriefing

A bunch of suicidally stupid death row inmates are sent to figure out what the heck happened to a corporate ship where the trash disposal aliens got violent. Things are real quiet and shockingly, everyone gets in alive and the only injuries are pride. They go through the ship, so far, so not dead. Eventually they find some bite-shaped evidence that something is wrong and hear some skittering in the walls. Then, we have our first amp overshoot! A dude gets his feet melted and is somehow still conscious. Unfortunately five tokens cannot buy enough medicine to fix melted feet, so the medic is no help, and the man is relegated to ‘meat-shield’ and ‘bait’. With one man effectively dead, the aliens make their first appearance. Then after that a second appearance as the party scrambles into a blast door. At this point there are three serious injuries on the six people who entered the mission and the aliens have not once reached them. They reach the command area and accidentally vent the ship, which neatly solves the infestation. Mission complete, and on to find the source. A prick dies to vacuum and people head off to find the source. As radiation rises they find it, and while considering what to do with it some guy just cutting-torch’s it to bits and then accidentally vacuum’s himself. At least it’s easy to get the bits into the shuttle.

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