Price3 tokens
BoxA large rectangular box, about a foot long and wide, maybe 8 inches tall.


A neatly folded cloth object; it looks like a fine, green metallic mesh.

Crawled under Leonardo's skin when he touched it.

It protected him from the effects of the Doom Pizza incident.[1] Whether that means it protects from electricity or from more kinds of damage remains to be seen. It is also unknown if the protection from electricity is merely a secondary function, either a way for the artefact to absorb energy or because the artefact allows the user to throw electricity around or for some other reason.

Code DetailsEdit

Major Origin: Intentionally Created by Humans (ICH)
Secondary Origin: Banned Technology(BT)
Type: Information storage or Artificial Intelligence (IS)
Danger Rating: Unknown or Variable risks (Xo)
Specific Threats: Psychosis (16) and Radiation (25)



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