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Demigod Touch
Category Exotic
Cost 6
Standard Clip Size
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements None
Origin ARM

A modification that can only be performed on humans. The user's hands and forearms become a translucent and incorporeal blue matter. These limbs lose the ability to directly interact with matter, ie picking things up, however they gain a more subtle interaction. They can manipulate the chemistry of living things or the electronics of machines via force of will and Exotic rolls. Stick your hands in someone's head and control their mind, use it to heal wounds or interface with machines or change matter from one thing to another. The downside however, is that in addition to losing direct interaction, the user's body must remain almost totally human otherwise. There are a few minor modifications that are compatible, but the majority of other modifications will disrupt this one. Created via the God Computer, "doom arms" and the Cultist mission.

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