Size Large
Colour Gold
Shape Heptagon
Line Diagonal Line


The "Deathcube" is silvery cube with sixty four button-like protrusions on top in an eight by eight grid and appears to be a manipulator of sorts. You can press the buttons on its top to give it commands. The bad thing is, the buttons are unlabeled. Activation [1], [2] and [3].

A list of identified functions and their positions on the device can be found here.

The current owner of the deathcube is also offering a number of services to fellow inmates using the functions he has discovered, the function and costs are as follows:

  1. Gun Recolor, 1 wiki update or similar.
  2. Gun weight alteration, 1 token.
  3. Temperature alterations, Free.
  4. Character color alteration, Free.
  5. Character density alteration, Free.
  6. Weapon density alteration, 1 token.


By word of Piecewise, this is the most overpowered thing ever put in ER. It is capable of:

  • Raising the dead
  • Creating infinite artifacts
  • Making things invisible
  • Creating artifacts
  • Time travel????????

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