This page is meant to record all permanent character deaths which have ever occurred in Einsteinian Roulette, in an effort to show interesting statistics about them. Primarily, it serves to show the relationship between how often inexperienced characters die, compared to how often veterans die.

Last updated after the end of mission 23.

Statistics Edit

Total Dead: Edit

Fifty people have died.

17 at Level 0 (34% of total deaths)
19 at Level 1 (38% of total deaths)
5 at Level 2 (10% of total deaths)
3 at Level 3 (6% of total deaths)
0 at Level 4 (0% of total deaths)
3 at Level 5 (6% of total deaths)
1 at Level 6 (2% of total deaths)
0 at Level 7 (0% of total deaths)
1 at Level 8 (2% of total deaths)
1 at Level 9 (2% of total deaths)

Total Alive: Edit

Eighty-seven experienced operatives are currently alive, although roughly a third of them are in stasis.

11 are at Level 0 (12.6%)
29 are at Level 1 (33%)
18 are at Level 2 (20.7%)
7 are at Level 3 (8%)
3 are at Level 4 (3.4%)
4 are at Level 5 (4.6%)
4 are at Level 6 (4.6%)
3 are at Level 7 (3.4%)
4 are at Level 8 (4.6%)
2 are at Level 9 (2.3%)
1 are at Level 10 (1.1%)
1 are at Level 12 (1.1%)

Number of Operatives Who Have Survived a Level, Compared to Deaths at that Level Edit

76 have survived to Level 1, while 17 have died at Level 0. (18.3% die before gaining any levels)
47 have survived to Level 2, while 19 have died at Level 1. (28.8% die before gaining another level)
29 have survived to Level 3, while 5 have died at Level 2. (14.7% die before gaining another level)
22 have survived to Level 4, while 3 have died at Level 3. (12% die before gaining another level)
19 have survived to Level 5, while 0 have died at Level 4. (0% die before gaining another level)
15 have survived to Level 6, while 3 have died at Level 5. (16.7% die before gaining another level)
11 have survived to Level 7, while 1 has died at Level 6. (8.3% die before gaining another level)
8 have survived to Level 8, while 0 have died at Level 7. (0% die before gaining another level)
4 have survived to Level 9, while 1 has died at Level 8. (20% die before gaining another level)
2 have survived to Level 10, while 1 has died at Level 9. (33% die before gaining another level)
1 has survived to Level 11, while 0 have died at Level 10.
1 has survived to Level 12, while 0 have died at Level 11.
0 have survived to Level 13, while 0 have died at Level 12.

The average ARM soldier has a roughly 17.8% chance of living from level 0 to level 10.

Systemic Flaws Edit

Different types of death have not been categorized; Jim, for instance, died due to SeriousConcentrate quitting the game, so technically nobody has died at Level 8. Categorizing types of death would also allow for interesting statistics such as the percentage of characters that die to teamkilling, the percentage which die while on-ship, or the percentage that die after making decisions which were obviously dangerous.

Suggested death tags: Stupidity, Murder, Collateral, On-ship, Suicide, M#.

Suggested life tags: Deathless, Stasis'd

The fact that the anomalous planetoid mission grants two levelups has not been accounted for. The fact that the boarding mission gave half a levelup has also not been accounted for, but most who were present for that were present for the timeskip, which also gave half a levelup but was not included when deciding level.

This page could also really use a makeover.

List of Dead Operatives Edit

This list includes not only permanent deaths, but also characters who were rendered unplayable. For instance, Timmy was possessed by an alien existence and is still alive, somewhere--but he is still included in this list

Also, characters who permanently died multiple times, such as Xan and Grate, only have their first death counted. This may change in the future, although it is unlikely since both characters had a highly unusual propensity for killing themselves.

Level 0: Edit

Adrian: Died on 1st. [Spinal_Taper]
Nikitian: Died on 1st. [Nikitian]
Nekarios: Died on 1st. [PyroDesu]
Neil: Died on 1st. [Powder Miner]
Leon: Died on 1st. [mesor]
Cloud: Died before 1st. [mesor]
Floki: Died before 1st. [Yoink]
Dorf: Died before 1st. [Unholy_Pariah]
Ciel: Died before 1st. [Gentlefish]
Irling: Died on 1st. [DoctorMcTaalik]
Johnothen: Died on 1st. [Execute/Dumbo.exe]
Yaroslav: Died on 1st. [Comrade P.]
Zoltan: Died on 1st. [spazyak]
Eddie: Died on 1st. [Nunzillor]
Timmy: Died on 1st. [Harry Baldman]
Henk: Died before 1st. [spazyak]
Anita: Died before 1st. [Twinwolf]

Level 1: Edit

Cog: Died after 1st. [Kisame12794]
Thrak: Died after 1st. [Toaster]
Mason: Died after 1st. [Anailater]
Hunter: Died after 1st. [Patrick Hunt]
Rimma: Died after 1st. [Comrade P.]
Charro: Died on 2nd. [Yoink]
Sambo: Died on 2nd. [sambojin]
Michael: Died on 2nd. [Corsair]
Felix: Died on 2nd. [Swordsmith04]
Jhoseph: Died on 2nd. [Corsair]
Dern: Died on 2nd. [Dorsidwarf]
Marcius: Died on 2nd. [WhitiusOpus]
Magilla: Died on 2nd. [darkpaladin109]
Cecil: Died on 2nd. [Gentlefish]
Michael2: Died on 2nd. [Tryrar]
Bruce: Died after 1st. [anailater]
Grate: First died on 2nd.[GreatWyrmGold]
Duncan: Died after 1st. [NJW2000]
Zayne: Died after 1st. [Shaporia]

Level 2: Edit

Travis: Died after 2nd. [Orb]
Tek: Died on 3rd. [Nunzillor]
Bartolomew: Died on 3rd. [Illgeo]
Morul: Died on 3rd. [Kisame12794]
Leo: Died after 2nd. [Devastator]

Level 3: Edit

Kai: Died on 4th. [Dutrius]
Ivan: Died after 3rd. [Scelly9]
Xan: Died on 4th [Xantalos]

Level 4: Edit

Level 4 people don't die; They're just Missing In Action.

Level 5: Edit

Denzel: Died on 6th. [Doomblade187]
Stacy: Died on 6th. [Harry Baldman]
Thaddeus: Died after 5th.[RenegadeLobster]

Level 6: Edit

Elisaz: Died on 7th. [TCM]

Level 7: Edit

Nobody dies at Level 7, the lucky bastards.

Level 8: Edit

Jim: Died on 9th. [SeriousConcentrate]

Level 9: Edit

Mesk: Died on 10th. [Remalle]

List of Living Operatives: Edit

All operatives except for those who have never been on a mission are included here.

Level 0: Edit

Lucricia: Level 0 [Execute/Dumbo.exe]
Vladimir: Level 0 [Comrade P.]
Anthony: Level 0 [RenegadeLobster]
Auriel: Level 0 [HFS]
Robert: Level 0 [SkyMarshal]
Leonardo: Level 0 [Urist McCoder]
Ramses: Level 0 [Aigre Excalibur]
Root: Level 0 [Moopli]
Jackson: Level 0 [spazyak]
Aphra: Level 0 [The Lupanian]
Christopher: Level 0 [NJW2000]

Level 1: Edit

Eddie: Level 1 [Dorsidwarf]
Vanesssa: Level 1 [Xantalos]
Ben: Level 1 [bcneuf]
Petra: Level 1 [Twinwolf]
Dester: Level 1 [Ozarck]
Ronald: Level 1 [Wolfkit]
Mason: Level 1 [Ehndras]
Karen: Level 1 [Taricus]
Havel: Level 1 [GUNINANRUNIN]
Roger: Level 1 [Draxis]
Zephyris: Level 1 [MutzelRX]
Vichislav: Level 1 [Thearpox]
Cecil: Level 1 [ragnarok97071]
Trendon: Level 1 [Execute/Dumbo.exe]
Astra: Level 1 [Wolfchild]
Derya: Level 1 [Tsuchigumo550]
Sean: Level 1 [Gamerlord]
Jonathan: Level 1 [darkpaladin109]
Knuser: Level 1 [salsacookies]
Yttra: Level 1 [yobbo]
Daineal: Level 1 [Icefire2314]
Hobby: Level 1 [GUNINANRUNIN]
Mir: Level 1 [lw]
Billy: Level 1 [heroguy111]
Iveso: Level 1 [Praefectus Screptum]
Jesse: Level 1 [adwarf]
Ashley: Level 1 [Cinder]
Alex: Level 1 [Shaporia]

Level 2: Edit

Ulrich: Level 2 [AoshimaMichio]
Han: Level 2 [Doomblade187]
Xael: Level 2 [Egan_BW]
Ian: Level 2 [HavingPhun]
Yancy: Level 2 [tryrar]
Cthunkan/Virrsai: Level 2[Harry Baldman]
Gus: Level 2 [DoctorMcTaalik]
Ryan: Level 2 [Gentlefish]
Saint: Level 2 [syvarris]
Elias: Level 2 [AkumaKasai]
Empyrea: Level 2 [Skyrunner]
Kyle: Level 2 [Nicholas1024]
Teal: Level 2 [Tack]
Dominika: Level 2 [Powder Miner]
Berach: Level 2 [Phoenix Flame]
D'usse: Level 2 [TCM]
Kyle: Level 2 [kj1225]
Judas: Level 2 [Persus13]

Level 3: Edit

Hasala: Level 3 [Swordsmith04]
Konrad: Level 3 [Corsair]
Jason: Level 3 [Beirus]
Taddok: Level 3 [Hapah]
Anton: Level 3 [Sean]
Charles: Level 3 [Empiricist]
Lerman: Level 3 [smurfingtonthethird]

Level 4: Edit

Vincent: Level 4 [Kedly]
Lukas: Level 4 [Prosperus]
Jack: Level 4 [Alarith]

Level 5: Edit

Maurice: Level 5 [Nikitian]
Auron: Level 5 [Unholy_Pariah]
Jobasio: Level 5 [Yoink]
Gorat: Level 5 [Knight Otu]

Level 6: Edit

Lyra: Level 6 [Lenglon]
Renen: Level 6 [Grunhill]
Simus: Level 6 [PyroDesu]
Bishop: Level 6 [Zako]

Level 7: Edit

Pancaek: Level 7 [Pancaek]
Dubley: Level 7 [NAV]
Jack: Level 7 [Tavik Toth]

Level 8: Edit

Miyamoto: Level 8 [Radio Controlled]
Feyri: Level 8 [Tiruin]
Thomas: Level 8 [Spinal_Taper]
Skylar: Level 8 [Kriellya]

Level 9: Edit

Flint: Level 9 [Parisbre56]
Brother: Level 9 [Toaster]

Level 10: Edit

Faith: Level 10 [IronyOwl]

Level 11: Edit

Level 11 operatives are like unicorns; They don't exist.

Level 12: Edit

Milno: Level 12 [Caellath]

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