Dead Man Running Season II, is, like the original Dead Man Running, an RTD set in between present day and the start of ER itself, one year after the season of Dead Man Running run by Piecewise, which is no longer active.

Link to the game.

Like the first DMR, the aim is to obtain 50 points as a competitor, thus winning the game, while the audience is able to affect the spectators using their Deadman Dollars in varying manners. Unlike the original DMR, there are six contestants only, and it is currently run by the bay12 forums user NJW2000. Also, the betting system has been changed somewhat, made simpler with fewer options.

The rules, item list, and miscellanous other features can be found on the original Dead Man Running page.

Betting changesEdit

The bets have been limited to the following wagers.

  • Winning team: bet on which team wins the team challenge: 1.5x payoff. Must be placed before challenge is revealed.
  • Winner of head-to-head: Bet on which team wins the head-to-head or individual challenge: 1.5x payoff. Must be placed before head-to-head challenge is revealed.
  • Deadman bet: bet that a contestant will die, placed at the start of the episode. 4.5x payoff.

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