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Crystalline Projector
Category Conventional
Cost 5 tokens
Standard Clip Size 10 shots
Standard Clip Cost 2 tokens
Requirements None
Origin Faith's Dead Crystalpeople artifact from Mission 1

Description: Developed using artifacts recovered by Faith Valentine, this weapon causes crystalline growths to appear on your targets. These growths restrain movement as well as rapidly growing inward, crushing, impaling and continuing to grow within the target. You may also be able to use it to create vast crystal fields and start a business selling shiny things to hippies and idiots.

This weapon can also be used as a melee weapon, stabbing your enemy with a crystal bayonet. You can inject one shot into the target in this manner, and they roll either will or end to see how it affects them. On any roll other than a 5, they are torn apart and killed in the traditional manner, but a five causes their flesh to be converted into living crystal. Which still kills them if any vitals are affected, but more slowly.

The projector looks like a small box with a blunt looking cone on the front and a sharp, longer spike on the side. 

Ammo: Black box magazine good for 10 shots