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Crowd-wire Gloves
Category Unonventional
Cost 7 tokens
Standard Clip Size 20 shocks, Solution tank for wires varies depending on usage
Standard Clip Cost 1-3
Requirements 1 Unconventional Weapons skill.
Origin Standard

Description: They're gloves that construct (it has tiny microfiber smartwire assemblers in each finger, you see) and shoot electrical wires that nonlethally incapacitate organic targets, if you're into that sort of thing. You can control the wires with flicks of the wrist and fingers, and do electrical lasso tricks on already non-moving targets (moving targets would be a bit tricky)! Takes a lot of skill to use, but it's real impressive-looking, nonlethal, fun to brag about later and also inspired by an altogether more lethal form of crowd control used by Arbiters of Peace. What more could you want, really?


  • Batteries for electrical discharge (good for 20 shocks). 1 token
  • Solution tank for wires (duration varies depending on usage). 1 token
  • Alternatively, a 3 token belt generator and capacitor can be used to circumvent need for batteries.

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