The Common Soldiers Union is a democratic organization founded by Christopher Pseudos, which aims to help common ARM members in any way possible. It's goals are:

  • Giving ARM members a voice and a say
  • Making sure all ARM members are treated safely and fairly
  • Making sure that ARM members are payed fairly and properly equipped
  • Ensuring that equipment from dead soldiers is put to good use
  • Providing useful services


Rest In PeaceEdit


The union headquarters room is made of three private rooms (belonging to Christopher, Dubley, and Sir Jackson) connected together. There's an old fashioned printing press in one corner.

Union InventoryEdit

The Common Soldier's Union is automatically added to all member's wills, unless they specify otherwise.

Current borrower in brackets.

  • 9 tokens
  • 3 boring rifles
  • Mace and spear forged by Jim
  • Empty scrapcannon frame
  • Printing press
  • A strange machine; It's quite large, maybe three feet wide and 2 tall with a square central section and two circular lobes coming out of either side. The only controls are a button and a knob with numbers 1 to 10. (Christmas Party 2013) [sir jackson]
  • 2 daggers forged by Jim [sir jackson]

Members can also be found in Category:CSU Member.

There is a thread for discussing the union Here.

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