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Here you can find a list of all the characters in ER, sorted by last mission participated in. For detailed information (such as skills, stats and inventory), go to that character's page. For my amusement, there is a New Character template.

Mission History KeyEdit

[XX] In progress
 XX Complete
(XX) Temp-dead
[XX] Perma-dead

Current MissionEdit

Mission 26Edit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Vincent Klart Kedly Space Bard human Alive 15 18 20g 23 [26]
Petra Clave Twinwolf Support Human Alive 23 [26]
Dester Gree Ozarck Magitec Medic Human Alive 23 [26]
Ryan Jorgensen Gentlefish Magic Medic human Alive 20g 23 [26]
Gus Doctorctaalik Grunt Human Alive 20 23 (26)
Manuel Remalle Prankster Hand "Alive" 23 [26]
Steve Saint syvarris Facilities Admin robot Alive (12a) (12b) [26]
Charles Leroux Empiricist PR Admin robot Alive 10 11 12a [26]

Mission 27Edit

Team 1 'Typhoon'Edit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Anthony RenegadeLobster Fighter Robot Alive (24) [27]
Lucricia Kay Execute/dumbo.exe Uncon Soldier Human Alive 21 [27]
Elias Shrike AkumaKasai Butcher Robot Alive 20d 22 [27]
Tommy Riker Cheesecake Medic Human Alive [27]
Mycroft Jones TheBiggerFish Tinkerer Human Alive [27]
Abigail South AbstractTraitorHero Frail Medic Human Alive [27]
JV-241 Swords-Otter Clone trooper Human Alive [27]
Valentina Yankovichy O. Wilde Handy Soldier Human Alive [27]

Team 2 'Hurricane'Edit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Aphra Artimaz The Lupanian Fighter Human Alive 25 [27]
Sir Jackson II spazyak Lunatic Knight Human Alive 25 [27]
Oidipous Norman Illgeo Conventional Soldier/Medic Human Alive [27]
4 Nunzillor Magic Soldier Tattooed human Alive [27]
Zek'thal Zormod Magic Soldier Human Alive [27]
Root Moopli Scientist Human Alive 24 [27]
Leonardo Jamison Urist McCoder Tinkerer human Alive 24 [27]

Team 3 'Avalanche'Edit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Ramses Apophis Set-Memphis Aigre Excalibur Soldier Human Alive 24 [27]
Christopher Pseudos NJW2000 Union Chairman Human Alive 24 [27]
Lysander Chromatic Wasp Vengeful Crafter Human Alive [27]
Kate kj1225 Conventional Soldier Human Alive [27]
Emilio Rodel Dutrius Close quarters fighter Human Alive [27]
Arty Maegil Medic Human Alive [27]
Gordon Freeman Egan_BW Freedom Fighter Human Alive [27]
Trier Cirurgian MidnightJaguar Shooting medic Human Alive [27]

Team 4 'Firestorm'Edit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Hasala Nabin Swordsmith04 Magic Soldier human Alive 12b (14) 20s 21 [27]
Eddie Gracerei Dorsidwarf Jack of all trades human (Ridiculous) Alive 20g 21 [27]
Lyra Arden Lenglon Being a Cat 4-foot tall anthropomorphic cat Alive 10 (11) 12a 17 20s 22 [27]
Jobasio Hootzal Yoink Wants pizza human Alive 8 11 15 20d (22) 24 [27]
Konrad Curtz Corsair Heart of Darkness human Alive 14 18 20s 21 [27]

Team 5 'Blizzard'Edit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Jason Caldwell Beirus Magic Soldier human Alive 15 18 19d 25 [27]
Cthunkan Harry Baldman Mind Meld Flesh Horror Combined 25 [27]
Auron Kell Unholy_Pariah Support Human Alive 9b 11 12a 12b 14 24 [27]
Han Thren Doomblade187 Brawler human Alive 18 20s 21 [27]

Team 6 'Earthquake'Edit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Miyamoto De Bergerac Radio Controlled General Avatar of War Alive 7 8 9b 11 12a 14 17 20g 25 [27]
Pancaek Nilys Pancaek Ampless Amp Master synthflesh, fancy hat Alive 7 9a 11 12a (12b) 14 (19) 21 [27]
Flint Westwood Parisbre56 Flying Heavy human, robot legs Alive 8 9b 11 12a 12b 14 17 20s 22 24 [27]
Brother Lars Toaster Preacher human Alive 8 9b 11 12a 12b 13 17 20s (22) 25 [27]

Team 7 'Tsunami'Edit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Milno Enedrasi Caellath Master Grunt human, robot arm with claws Alive 1 2 4 5 6 8 9a 11 12a 12b 13 16 [27]
Dubley Steptimus NAV Giant Robot Overlord! Giant Robot Overlord! Alive 11 (12a) (12b) 15 18 (19) 22 25 [27]
Renen Averius von Raptum Grunhill Roboninja skeletal robot Alive 5 10 11 (12b) 14 17 [27]
Faith Valentine IronyOwl Worst Medic living statue Alive 1 2 4 6 (8) 10 11 12a 14 (19) 25 [27]

Deep Infirmary Search DutyEdit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
John Denning TinFoilTopHat Soldier Human Alive
Rocco Coleman AzyWng Medic Human Alive
Vincent Black Sosoku234 Unconventional Soldier Human Alive

On ShipEdit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty

New RecruitsEdit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status
Brad Kenderson somokus Sniper Human Alive
Harold Harkensaur sakiskid Normal Medic Human Alive
Jess Murbell VampiricImage Crazy Human Alive
Xannotthatxan Carvo Egan_BW Meta Mage Human Alive
Henry Phelps chaotic skies Person Human Alive
Warrgh Dutrius Angry Human Alive
Fred Munroe LordBrassroast Ugly Person Human Alive


Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Vanessa Anagrid Xantalos Trustworthy medic Horrifying limb harvester Alive 22 24


Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Feyri Nirel Tiruin Team Mom always suited Stasis 1 3 (6) (8) (10) 11 14 18
Mason Locke Ehndras Support human Stasis 2
Thomas Harrison Spinal_Taper Sniper Human, mostly robot limbs Stasis 2 (4) (6) 8 11 12a 12b 13
Bishop Willis Zako Soldier human Stasis 3 7 8 9b 11 12b
Empyrea Cymac Skyrunner Stasis human Stasis 4 5
Lukas Stark Prosperus Heavy Weapons Bot huge robot Stasis 4 8 9b 11
Kyle Nicholas1024 support robot, human head Stasis (5) 8
Karen Zale Taricus Mad bomber human Stasis 7
Havel GUNINANRUNIN Laser octopus Very flexible robot Stasis (7)
Roger Irvins Draxis Medigrunt human, burns, robot leg Stasis 7
Zephyris Haizea MutzelRX Zombie human Stasis 9b
Vichislav (Vich) Friedberg Thearpox Bicycle guy humen Stasis 9b
Cecil Stillwright ragnarok97071 Bureaucrat Old human Stasis 10
STEPHEN HAWKING BFEL Quantum Master Physicist Stasis 11
Teal the Arsonist Tack Arsonist Scars Stasis (11) (12a)
Trendon Balto Execute/dumbo.exe Vegetable Human Stasis 11
Astra Wolfchild Spy Human Stasis 11
Derya Bakkal Tsuchigumo550 Melee Human Stasis 11
Sean O'Derry Gamerlord Xan wannabe Very tall human Stasis 12
Dominika Novak Powder Miner Magic soldier human Stasis 12a 12b
Berach Lithgow Starret/ Dark Angel Phoenix Flame Soldier human, scarred, tattoos Stasis 12a 12b
Lerman Russ smurfingtonthethird Liability human, robot arm, two robot legs Stasis (12a) 12b (14)
Jonathan Somerset darkpaladin109 Tourist human Stasis 14
Knuser Ansitker salsacookies Viking human Stasis 14
Jack "Knight" Catar Alarith Marksman robot Stasis (11) 12a (12b) 14
Yttra Mour yobbo Soldier human Stasis 14
Daineal O'Briain Icefire2314 Soldier human Stasis 17
Hobby Deckard GUNINANRUNIN Support human Stasis 18
Mir Yakovlev lw Tech Clayface Stasis 18
Xan Xantalos Former Shapeshifter Secretly Vanessa Anagrid Disguised 10 11 12a 12b [15] [H2] (19d)
Billy Sing heroguy111 Hero Human Stasis 20s
Gorat "Chin" Ivanos Knight Otu Space Wizard Human, robot arm and half of foot, big chin Stasis 6 9a 11 12a 18
D'usse de Cognac TCM Thief human, cat ears, cat tail Stasis 14 16
Kyle Johnson kj1225 Support Psmith Exerton Stasis (14) 20g
Iveso Zales Praefectus Screptum Armored Support Human Stasis 20g
Jack Hansan Tavik Toth Skilled Grunt human, half of face robotic Stasis 7 9b (11) 12a 12b 14 20d
Judas Smythe Persus13 Soldier human Stasis 20g 22
Skylar Niabs Kriellya Specialist Fleshtech human Stasis 10 11 12a 12b 13 16 20d 23
Jesse Hoflman adwarf Brawler Human Stasis 23
Ashley Oak Cinder Mercenary Human Stasis 8
Ronald Wolfkit Cheerful Person Tentacles and dubstep arms Stasis 20g
Taddok Find Hapah Soldier human, tattoos Stasis 14 18 20d (22)
Alex Manson Shaporia Medic Human Stasis (22)
Simulacrus Ferratum-Inanis "Simus" PyroDesu Director / Engineering living statue Stasis 6 8 9b 11 12a 12b
Anton "Blackeye" Chernozorov Sean Mirrsen Defense Admin human, burn-scars on face, robot hands and legs Stasis 9b 11 12a
Maurice Sanctor Nikitian Science Admin human, robot hand Stasis 5 6 9a 12a 17 21
Ben Neutro bcneuf Uncon Soldier Human Stasis (22) 25
Auriel HFS Medic Human Stasis 24
Robert Zhalimit SkyMarshal Grunt Human Stasis 24
Ian Smith HavingPhun Magic Soldier human Stasis 20g (22) 24
Yancy Hargraves tryrar Solider Robot Stasis (19) 22 24


Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Vladimir Mikhailovich Fedorov Comrade P. Grunt Human Alive 24
Xael Smirnova Egan_BW Assassin Human Alive 20d 23
Ulrich Leland AoshimaMichio Mercenary human Alive (16) (20s) 21 27


Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Ivan Yankovichy Scelly9 Altered Teamkiller monstrous cicada demon Altered 1 (2) 5
Victor zomara0292 Roachman robot, human head and arm NPC (2)
Timmy Harry Baldman Timmy Timmy Timmy [7]
Bruce Thomson anailater Training Dummy Gimp NPC (8)
Grate Worm Gold GreatWyrmGold Herald human child Immortal? 10 (11) 12a 12b


Character Name Username Part of Flesh Status Mission History
Thaddeus RenegadeLobster Rookie Consumed 12a 12b 13 16 (19)
Duncan Hudson NJW2000 Bureaucrat Peacefully assimilated 20d
Virrsai Dawa Maal Leeyes Harry Baldman Mechanic Alive 18 20d
Henk Reinold spazyak Uncon/Magic Medic Consumed
Zayne Cavanagh Shaporia Brawler Consumed (20g)
Anita Clave Twinwolf Support Consumed


Character Name Username Appearance Cause of Death Mission History
James Kelly/ Subject 19-3 "Jim" SeriousConcentrate living statue, four arms mysteriously dropped dead on mission (1) 2 3 5 8 9a 11 12a [17]
Adrian Conagher Spinal_Taper headless corpse head crushed by synthflesh berserker [2]
Elisaz Colton Roxine/ May TCM creepy albino sexfiend died with Warship Gamma 2 (4) 6 8 10 11 [12b]
Charro Hootzal Yoink roadkill run over by giant centipede, twice 3 [6]
Nikitian Greiss "Nik" Nikitian corpse skull cracked open during China-9 incident [4]
Cog Anrizkalur Kisame12794 noble gas Nyars 4
Nekarios Aurea-Inanis "Nick" PyroDesu atoms caused China-9 incident [4]
Neil Slenom Powder Miner beetle toy crushed during China-9 incident [4]
Travis Stratnin Orb ash "accident" (5) 6
Thrak Hinn Toaster dead robot beetle Lost a duel for the Doctor's love 5
Denzel Gaunt Doomblade187 atoms manipulator overload while fighting STAN (7) 9b 11 12a 12b [15]
Mason Kervech Anailater A bloody mess Paranoia (6)
Leon Tyler mesor photons too much space candy [7]
Stacy Buttle Harry Baldman STAN brain eaten by Xan / STAN 8 10 (11d) 12a (12b) [15]
Sambo Jin sambojin Alien fire elemental Possessed by the Eater of Cold 18
Michael Alexander Corsair Dead Murdered by the Amp Specialist 9b [11]
Felix Grant Swordsmith04 puddle of blood boarding pod malfunction 12a [12b]
Jhoseph Whilkes Corsair Atoms died with Warship Gamma 12a [12b]
Dern Hernau Dorsidwarf A pile of ash Possessed by the Eater of Cold 12a [18]
"Knight" Marcius Rolande WhitiusOpus space dust died with Warship Gamma 12a [12b]
Magilla darkpaladin109 atomized tiny pieces of scrap metal violently shredded by Jason's shackle after being absorbed by STAN, then bombed from orbit at the same time as being caught in a manipulator overload. Seriously, completely, utterly, thoroughly dead. (12b) [15]
Cecil Altobelli Gentlefish A pile of ash Possessed by the Eater of Cold 14 [18]
Michael Bayson Tryrar Shrapnel'd Corpse Killed by shrapnel from self-made explosives

15 [16]

Cloud mesor So dead Pissed off the Doctor and Armory Master
Floki Dannkeyer Yoink Cracked Skull Cog Anrizkalur Piledriver
Dorf Kell Unholy_Pariah Pile of Flesh Altered by Ivan
Ciel Jorgensen Gentlefish Dust Cloud Vapourized by own Amplifier Overload
Hunter Kahn Patrick Hunt Dead Eaten by Xan 11
Irling Ragnar Jr DoctorMcTaalik Human Scythed in half [20s]
Mesk Vraite Remalle Space dust Booby trapped spaceship 2 3 (5) 8 9b 11 12a 15 17 [19]
Johnothen Bright Execute/Dumbo.exe Headless corpse Eaten by mushrooms [20s]
Yaroslav Vetrov Comrade P. Broken robot Sword fighting a giant worm [20s]
Zoltan Solberg spazyak Human Skewered his brain with his arm. [20s]
Tek Nunzillor Atoms Heroically overloaded his manip under the influence of Steve 18 20g [22]
Rimma Vetrova Comrade P. Exploded Collateral damage in a fight over food 20g
Bartolomew Markov Illgeo Dead Exploded by anomaly magic after being crushed under collapsed building. 17 20s [21]
Morul Migrurkeshin Kisame12794 Host Became a host for alien god 9b 11 (12a) 12b 14 18 20g [21]
Eddie Vazquez Nunzillor Dead Teamkilling ricochet to the head [24]
Kai Branden Dutrius Missing Vanished into the quantum ether 18 20d (22) [24]
Leo Girard Devastator Dead Head exploded as a christmas gift 11 12a
Iveson Lordpunch Nunzillor Pieces Attacked Renen


Flagged for DeletionEdit

These characters are older, have not been on missions, and have not been participating on ship. If their users would like to rejoin, they can be moved out of this category. If they show no interest, we may want to delete them (at least from this table, removing the only link to their characters pages)

Character Name Username Creation Date
d'Artagnan Scotsmen July 2014
Cody Adams BlitzDungeoneer July 2014
Omega 911 Omeganaut Oct 2014
Gerald Londeral solarlight Oct 2014
Jonathon Sommer Vivalas Dec 2014
Tom Samson High tyrol Dec 2014
Psmith Exerton Peradon Feb 2015
Phoebe Dell Cinder Feb 2015
Gerald Hopper filipk June 2015
Martin Howard thegamemaster1234 June 2015
Catten Vilcorius Detoxicated July 2015
TS Cronal Toine Aug 2015
Sardine NoHopeNoChance Aug 2015
Skullsploder I. Havenoklu Skullsploder Nov 2015
Tablerace Wan FunVake Nov 2015

The old official version of current inventories and skills/stats can be found here.

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The previous version of this page can be found here: Old Character Index

A list of all the pages using the PC template can be found here: Category:Character

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