Here you can find a list of all the characters in ER, sorted by last mission participated in. For detailed information (such as skills, stats and inventory), go to that character's page. For my amusement, there is a New Character template.

Mission History KeyEdit

[XX] In progress
 XX Complete
(XX) Temp-dead
[XX] Perma-dead

Current Mission - Mission 2Edit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Bastien Durand AbstractTraitorHero Grunt Human punching bag Alive (1) [2]
Citotp Egan_BW Transhuman Human Alive 1 [2]
Filgres Tosang Toaster Pragmatist human Alive 1 [2]
Grits Pancaek Technician Human Alive 1 [2]
Joanna Myser Twinwolf Medic Human Alive 1 [2]
Vik Tor spazyak Con Merc Human Alive (1) [2]
Stepan Aigre Excalibur Con Merc Human Alive [2]
Maya Little Bluexdog Pragmatist Human Alive [2]

On ShipEdit

Character Name Username Profession Appearance Status Mission History
Chou Tyrant Leviathan Con Grunt Human Alive None
Eric Orange Mathel Pragmatist Human Alive None
John McBoy PaPaj Pragmatist Human Alive None


Character Name Username Appearance Cause of Death Mission History
Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty

A list of all the pages using the PC template can be found here: Category:Character

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