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CamEyes Implant
Category Implants
Cost 5 tokens
Standard Clip Size
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements None
Origin Standard

Description: Replaces your old seeing-balls with new, high tech, electronic ones. New vision filters include: Infrared, x-ray, motion tracking, 2-10X zoom, and radiation scanning. Also, it gives you creepy, unblinking, solid black eyes. Just a heads up. Also no, you can't buy just one for half the price. Nice try.

Note that you don't need to install the cameyes on yourself. You can make CamEye Goggles, install them on your MK or MCP suit or even on your battlesuit.

When the CamEyes are not installed on your skull directly but have their output pass through a computer, you can reprogram them to allow more functions and to filter their output.[1]

Word of warning: Using this on the Armory Master might be dangerous. People have died from doing that.[2] Although, strangely, not because she doesn't want to be seen naked.[3] If you want to know the reason, you can always look at her to find out...[4]


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