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Braincase Escape System
Category Add-ons
Cost 6 tokens
Standard Clip Size
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements Mind +1, Auxiliary skill of +1
Origin Flint Westwood ARM

Description: Rockets strapped to your braincase, so you can press a button to eject it and GTFO. Designed for escaping from overloads, bombs and stuff like that. Very high speed and range, but not very maneuverable.

It's incapable of making fine movements or turn very well (so it won't be able to maneuver through a vent but it might be able to turn through a large mining tunnel with a really good aux roll and a big loss of fuel), but it's thrusters are really powerful, making it a valid choice for quickly escaping large scale destruction.

If you go too quickly, you may be rendered unconscious or suffer brain damage.

Incompatible with: Braincase Mobility System

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