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Brain Saver
Category Medical Tech
Cost 4 Tokens
Standard Clip Size
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements 2 Med
Origin Dubley Steptimus (ARM)

A backpack based on the Armory Master's Brain Box, designed to hold a severed head and keep it preserved and ready for reanimation. Requires head to be hooked up to feed of chemicals and submerged in biogel. Has room to hold one severed head, brain or braincase.

Always prevents permadeath from being dead for too long.

Has a good chance to reduce or fully prevent stat loss, depending on a roll. Higher med skill means bigger chance to fully prevent or reduce stat loss (someone with +4 med would just about always prevent stat loss, for example, except maybe for special circumstances).

+2 med needed to use reliably (too low skill lowers chance of it working, might even make things worse)

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