Blueraditite (or blueshard) is a very radioactive crystalline substance found during the Anomalous Planetoid Mission and is grown on Hephaestus. Doing so requires vast amounts of energy.

ARM scientists found out that it has rather big energy capacity, even though after discharging said energy it dissolves into grey dust. It is in effect a large capacity non-rechargeable battery, powerful enough that a relatively small piece could power a Cutting Laser firing continuously for days.

The larger the crystal, the more radioactive it gets, thus requiring larger batteries to be surrounded by heavy radiation shielding. The crystal is not especially resilient and will easily shatter if hit with a relatively weak laser beam. The resulting shards however will retain the energy stored within them. It is notable that electricity will arc between two blueraditite shards if they are brought close enough.

Its properties make it a powerful asset in the revolution against the UWM - a line of relatively cheap and undoubtedly powerful blaster weapons was developed by general Miyamoto De Bergerac, various uses of blueradite as a potent material for cheap and powerful energy cells are employed by ARM engineers.

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