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Blaster Pistol
Category Conventional
Cost 1 Token
Standard Clip Size 20 shots or 1 overcharged
Standard Clip Cost 1
Requirements None
Origin Radio Controlled(ARM)
Blaster Pistol

Description: The smallest cousin of the Blueshard Blasters line, the blaster pistol (or 'blistol') uses a blueshard battery to allow for 20 microsecond pulses per clip equaling about 5 seconds of Laser Rifle power per shot. It fires short, pulsed laser shots, not a continuous beam. Blueshard becomes grey dust once it's spent. It's a very small and inconspicuous sidearm, small enough for concealed carry or for pilots in tight vehicles.

Special: One can discharge the entire remaining battery power into one shot, melting the weapon to slag and delivering a beam of about Cutting Laser strength (if a fully charged battery was used). Try not to encase your hand in molten metal when using this feature.

For one token you can add a heatsink that prevents the pistol from melting when firing its overcharged shot.

Firing settings: there are 3 firing modes:

  • Standard, a concentrated pulse of about a finger-thick at medium range
  • Medium, giving a slightly dispersed pulse about the size of an orange at medium range, with less armor penetration than focused but larger damage surface
  • Diffused, giving a majorly diffused pulse ('shotgun mode'), for short-range blasts

Designed by Miyamoto de Bergerac.

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