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Blaster Bazooka
Category Conventional
Cost 8 Token
Standard Clip Size 1 shot
Standard Clip Cost 1
Requirements Exoskeleton or higher level strength
Origin Radio Controlled (ARM)

Description: The biggest entry in the Blueshard Blasters line so far, this blaster bazooka (or 'blazooka') uses a blueshard battery to allow for only 1 microsecond pulse. This shot however is very powerful, and is capable of crippling, if not outright destroying, a Battlesuit. After firing, the waste heat from the shot is dumped into a cooling block (which comes with every clip), after which this now very hot cooling block is ejected from the back of the weapon. Take care nobody you like is standing behind it. Blueshard becomes grey dust once it's spent. About the size of a big RPG launcher.

Firing settings: there are 3 firing modes:

  • Standard, a concentrated pulse of about a finger-thick at medium range
  • Medium, giving a dispersed pulse about the size of a HEP beam at medium range, with less armor penetration than focused but larger damage surface
  • Diffused, giving a majorly diffused pulse ('shotgun mode'), for short-range blasts

Designed by Miyamoto de Bergerac.

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