The Black Ops missions that came with the revolution means that small teams are now occasionally forced into completing vital assignments with less equipment than they'd like to have, sometimes with stringent time limits and dire consequences for failure. With the smaller amount of members for each team and the proportionally larger amount of screwup a single mistake from a single person can generate in missions like that in mind, the Black Ops manual is being written as a guide with guidelines - both In Character and Out Of Character - to keep characters and players on their toes and hopefully raise chances of success.

Incidentally, most of the guidelines that apply to Joker Team's endeavors are also valid during any other mission, meaning this manual may also work as a general guide for those who are wondering what to do with their actions.

((Work in Progress.))

Regulations (IC guidelines)Edit

  • Common sense is good - use it;
  • Do not initiate hostilities with your allies - if you want to kill each other, wait until the mission's finished;
  • Doing things well is better than doing them fast;
  • Everything is trapped. Act accordingly;
  • Never consider a mission done until you're being debriefed;
  • Obey the orders of your team leader;
  • Panic is never a response;
  • Pessimism is fine as long as it makes you warier instead of a defeatist;
  • Screwing up does not entitle you to despair; instead, it binds you into fixing your mistakes;

Suggestions (OOC guidelines)Edit

(( Wanted: A better name for this section, to go along with the nice and simple 'regulations' title for the IC section ))

  • Common sense again: do not have your character break cover during a stealth mission because you saw a shiny, do not go around mentioning Steve and the Sword. There are simple things you can gather from the scenario itself, no specific orders necessary;
  • Conditional actions are your friend: if are not sure about the situation you are in or how you might need to adapt to the scenario depending on events that will unfold during the turn, do not be afraid to write a wall-of-text action with actions based on outcomes and details that might have been omitted by the GM at first;
  • Listen to other players;
  • The "my character would do it" excuse does not justify incredible stupidity;