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Black Halo
Category Exotic
Cost 10 tokens
Standard Clip Size ??
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements Exotic Weapons skill +2, Mind +1, an Organic body (or at least head).
Origin Standard

Description: A black metal ring which is worn on the head, much like a circlet. It allows the wearer to, through an exercise of will, alter his perceived appearance. Their actual form will remain the same, but what others “See” (or perceive through other senses) will be altered. This does not effect things like cameras; it works by altering the thoughts of living beings, and as such will not effect mechanical ones.

The halo can alter your appearance to be basically anything (includes becoming an inanimate object or objects and making others think you have or are wearing an object) and change the image you project to be as large or as small as you want, but the larger you become, the farther you get from human and the more detailed you are, the harder maintaining the illusion will become.[1]

You cannot give vague instructions to the halo. It projects exactly what you "will" it to project, an image you hold in your mind. It effects the target's perception, but it doesn't rely on their comprehension. In other words, you don't present their mind with some sort of incomprehensible image which they then unconsciously fill in as what you want them to. You have to mentally create the image, and they see it.[1]

It can also extend to other senses, like touch, smell, etc. with extra effort.[1]

The illusion never breaks, so to speak. If you make them thinκ you have no arms and touch them, they'll keep seeing you as a man with no arms as long as you keep the illusion going, but they'd probably wonder what's going on.[1]

Anyone who can see you could theoretically be effected, as long as they are not seeing you through a camera monitor or similar.[1] They don't have to be looking at you to be affected, just be capable of seeing you, so someone looking away from you can still be affected. What counts as "capable of seeing you" however is vague and up to GM interpretation. This works for other senses as well: As long as someone can touch you, then you can modify their sense of touch. Same with smell, etc. [2]

You can also project different illusions to different people, but that is harder, as you have to hold different images inside your mind and "will" them into different people's brains.[1]

Equipment merged with you might count as "part of your body" for the requirements for the illusion to work. So someone looking at merged equipment (like robotic tentacle hands, for example) might be affected by the illusion. That might include Avatars of War.[2]

All in all, a piece of equipment that seems more useful when dealing with black ops and non-technological xenos. Or messing with your teammates.


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