Battle of Hexbarax VR program is a game simulation of one of the largest military land operations in the course of the Altered Wars, bearing the same name. Hexbarax was one of the Altered equivalents of Forge worlds; a large late-war offensive took place there, when UWM, unable to destroy it outright, had to launch a gruelling assault on the planet. Ultimately, UWM proved victorious, which signified a turning point in the war, although at the cost of millions of soldier lives.

Options Edit

You can choose your loadout or proceed with your current equipment. As usual, VR might not be able to recognise your custom or artifact equipment.

The following spawn points are available:
>In the Fray
>High Ground
>Preparing to drop
>Titan Interior (can be too cramped for vehicles and Avatars)

Personalised save-points are available.

Historical Accuracy Edit

It should be noted that, for the sake of both censorship and enjoyable difficulty, the Altered in this simulation are severely weakened and limited in what they can do. Where this simulation presents the battle as trench warfare, the real conflict had nothing like that. Of course, now with the formation of the ARM and rejecting the yoke of UWM oppression, the true Battle of Hexbarax could be revealed, so you can select that variant of the simulation too. However, as Miyamoto's testing has shown, Avatar of War is recommended equipment, and even then it won't really be easy nor fair.

Remember, the real Altered cheated.

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