Automanipulators are highly specialized devices that can produce any effect capable of being generated by their manually operated counterparts with absolutely no input from their owners other then the signals to either activate or deactivate their pre-programmed functions, additionally these functions will always be executed with perfect accuracy.

The drawback to these devices however, is that they can only store one set of functions and are thereby limited to having only a single application such as creating a specifically sized sphere at a specific distance in a specific direction that heats all matter inside it to a specific temperature or converting all the matter inside your magical science box into a solid mass of delicious cookie dough.

When having an automanipulator designed there are several factors that must be accounted for:

  • Each automanipulator can only produce one effect.
  • The variables generating the effect will always be the same, this means that the duration, intensity, size and shape of the effect, as well as the distance and direction relative to the device, will be identical each time it is used.
  • If effects persist over time they will also drain the battery over time.
  • while it does not necessarily need to be accounted for, the fact remains that if scaled up to a certain size Automanipulators will then become self sustaining and no longer require replacement batteries.

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