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Category Unonventional
Cost 2-3 tokens
Standard Clip Size
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements None
Origin Standard

Description: Is nuclear devastation for some reason too spicy for your tastes? Are you rightly afraid of being obliterated by your own careless use of 1/8th kiloton charges? Well, Aster-Ex is the explosive for you! Designed for use in space (cracking rocks and all that), easy to shape, very reliable and inexpensive, Aster-Ex distributes its energy uniformly, relatively predictably and without threat of vaporization. Described as a slower, more pushing type of high explosive, it is rather good for a great many needs, including fragmentation explosives. 2 tokens gets you a kilo of Aster-Ex with a short-range detonator, add a token on top of that to upgrade to the long-range detonator! Truly, the perfect solution for all of your controlled demolition needs.

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