The armory master is on lockdown somewhere deep in the infirmary, most likely being actively stabilized.


She usually looks calm and disinterested. Her skin is flawless, her hair is black, and her eyes are green. She’s considered very attractive by some and appears to be young. She's 5'6" tall. She wears green coveralls, as does everyone who works with weaponry on HMRC ships. Weight wise, she's much lighter then she would appear. Lighter even than a child...


She is responsible for selling and maintaining the equipment of the inmates, among other things. She can also modify their equipment or procure miscellaneous objects, assuming you have enough tokens.


She is a former inmate, and has participated in 27 HMRC missions prior to the beginning of the game. She doesn't like CamEyes.

She has a natural affinity for amps, but that's not all of it. A lot of people died for her to become what she is: a space magic goddess, capable of incredible feats, such as destroying entire buildings with a thought and counting all the atoms in your body without breaking a sweat.

She doesn't have a specific birth-date, unlike The Doctor, but is roughly a third the age of the Doctor--which means she's around 400 subjective years old.

Piecewise has provided a as-of-yet unsolved riddle about her: "First there were nine, then there were five, now two remain." This is probably means that she's one the few people who had natural genetic disposition towards... something important.

PW has dropped hints that the AM is unstable, due the 'Quicksilver failing'. Another process was mentioned in a similar context by the Doctor, called Pascal quicksilver.[1][2]

Piecewise revealed on IRC that Pascal's quicksilver is named after "Operation Pascal", which discovered/invented it. It's a cellular stabilizing agent, though it trades one form of degeneration for another.

He also revealed that her first name is "Rose".

Hey, did you know the armory master has a brain made of synthflesh? Because she does.

Tinker ProjectsEdit

The Armory Master designed several pieces of equipment. They can be found Here.

There are several other files but they're in a format not recognized by the vr machine. How strange.


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