Price10 Tokens
Boxa large box, 2 feet by 2 feet, by 10-12 inches tall.


Inside is a metal case. Inside the metal case is several layers of foam sheets. Inside the foam sheets, evenly spread out across their surface, are what look like metal buttons.

They are metal disks, about an inch and a half wide, slightly bulged in the center. One side is smooth and polished, the other is flat, with a large hypodermic needle protruding from the center. There are 144 buttons to each layer of foam, and 4 layers, for a total of 576 buttons.

One dose was used on Anita Clave. She gained increased bone and muscle density, with the side effect of compulsive cursing and coming onto people. It is unknown if all doses have the same effect.

Code DetailsEdit

Major Origin: Intentionally Created by Humans (ICH)
Secondary Origin: Banned Technology(BT)
Type: Weapon (WE)
Danger Rating: Predictable Risks:Major (Pa)
Specific Threats: Physical properties alteration (4) and Mental Corruption (23)


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