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'Doctrine' Shard Autocannon
Category Conventional
Cost 10 tokens
Standard Clip Size 18 shards worth of fluid
Standard Clip Cost 1 token
Requirements Exoskeleton, +1 Strength
Origin Syvarris (ARM)

Description: The midpoint between the Testament and the Piezoelectric Shard Launcher, this weapon is optimized for use against vehicles and other moderately armored targets. While less damaging than the full-size PSL, the Doctrine is much more efficient against targets softer than battlesuits.

Can use a PSL's magazine, which contains 81 shards worth of fluid and costs 4 tokens. The standard 1 token magazine is the same as used in the Testament.


  • 3 round volley fire
  • Automatic fire

Mechanical explanationEdit

Fires a shard 10x the volume of a Testament shard, or 1/2.7x the volume of a PSL shard. Can fire in semiauto, 3-round volley, or automatic modes.

Damage: Single shards are reliably lethal to humans in milnoplate level armor and below. Generally, it should be sufficient for any armor which does not significantly alter the wearer's size or shape.

3-Volleys fire three shards worth of fluid at once, and are generally capable of taking out a battlesuit in two shots, assuming both hit in the same vicinity.

Automatic is generally a highly inefficient fire mode which will quickly empty the weapons magazine, unless it is vehicle mounted. There's nothing to stop someone from using it, and it could be highly effective against massed crowds or massive yet soft targets. It is also superior against very fast targets which are relatively fragile, such as Arbiters of Peace.

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