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"Gungnir" Electro-laser
Category Conventional
Cost 8 (6 with own Laser Rifle, 3 with own Tesla Sabre , 1 with both)
Standard Clip Size 120 seconds laser, 60 seconds tesla
Standard Clip Cost 1 token
Requirements None
Origin Sean Mirrsen (HMRC)

Description: In principle just a standard Laser Rifle and a Tesla Sabre fitted together with a DIY kit, this weapon combines the two into something that can electrocute your enemies to death at the comfortable range of a hundred meters. Air or some other gas is required between the gun and the target for this to work - otherwise all you have is a Laser Rifle with a fancy bayonet.

Ammo (Laser Rifle): A battery good for 120 seconds of continuous fire. New batteries cost 1 token.
Ammo (Tesla Sabre): Battery good for 60 seconds of operation. Can load up to 3 batteries (but comes with 1). New batteries cost 1 token.

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