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"Brisant" Gauss Grenade Launcher
Category Conventional
Cost 3 tokens
Standard Clip Size 1 grenade
Standard Clip Cost 1 token per 3 grenades
Requirements None
Origin PyroDesu(HMRC)

Description: The Brisant is essentially the same as the standard Gauss Rifle, however the caliber has been increased to 50mm and the magnetic coils dialed back to one-quarter the original strength. With a computer system in the launcher corresponding with small processors in the grenades, there are multiple ways to override the grenades' detonators - default setting lets the grenade reach 5 meters from the weapon before it can detonate (on impact).

In effect: Distressingly cheap and effective, with one instance where a single HE grenade took out the entire front of a civilian building.

Comes with either 1 high-explosive grenade or 1 fragmentation grenade.

Extra grenades: 1 token for a pack of 3


  • Arming Override: With the press of a button, the user can override grenade detonation, either disarming the grenade, detonating it immediately, or allowing unfired grenades to be armed.

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