"Blind-right" [Rimma Vetrova]
User Comrade P.
Gender Female
Age 20
First Mission 20 "Rescue"
Missions Survived 1
Reason assigned to HMRC "Theft"
Status Dead


At Character CreationEdit

Skinny and pale, almost a walking skeleton, shaven bald, covered in tattoos of some geometrical patterns, she looks about how a girl of 20 would look if she was raised in a Nazi death camp. Additionally, she is blind, deaf on right ear and missing right leg. Her stump is supported by not-cybernetic prothesis carved out of wood and rebar beams. It is functional due to springs hidden inside. On the wood there is the same pattern like on her skin. She has troubles with walking by herself and used to have a cane or staff.

Current, Out of ArmorEdit

Wooden leg replaced by standard robotic version.

In ArmorEdit


In Armor with Blaster Pistol

A woman in a standard MkII with Civic Defender's longcoat worn over it; has a robotic right leg.

Personal InformationEdit

Rimma is daughter of notorious arena fighter Yaroslav Vetrov. She was supposed to be dead in the car crash, yet she was not. The car was heading to the countryside residence of magister through one of the poorer districts of the city, and was, in fact, ambushed by some low-life thugs for sake of looting. They got a word courier was delivering something precious to the magister. It was, unfortunately for them, just squishy baby Rimma. They vanished before the cops and ambulance showed up, alarmed by car subsystems. Rimma lost a leg below the ankle. She also lost her sight partially, but doctors said it would progress into complete blindness through age unless treated or replaced. Upon investigation, it turned out that girl's father vanished, and identity of car owner was never revealed under pressure of some mysteriously summoned thick money bags. Girl was placed into the overcrowded orphanage, the one nearest to crash site. She never ate enough because of her disabilities, neither did she gained her sight back. Fortunately, she was able to listen and think a lot. She started making vague prophetic-like exclamation now and then, and given their vagueness, they often were true. She worked hard and got herself a fame of street oracle known as "Blind-right", and that kept her rather well-off. For a low-life thug.

She figured out who she really was and who her father was. She never blamed him for what happened, but neither she was in any manner sentimental for him. She kept her true identity secret.

She got herself quite a name, she eventually ended up in field of attention of police. She was framed - left with stolen goods some kids dropped by her while escaping from the chase. During her trial, she asked for any alternative to prison court was able to give.

Rimma's personal schedule, a 24-hour cycleEdit

0000 - 0030 Waking up, hygiene procedures

0030 - 0100 Morning target practice virtual session*

0100 - 0105 Break

0105 - 0235 Morning physical exercise session**

0235 - 0240 Break, shower

0240 - 0300 Breakfast

0300 - 0600 Free time

0600 - 0630 Mid-day target practice virtual session

0630 - 0635 Break

0635 - 0755 Mid-day physical exercise session

0755 - 0800 Break, shower

0800 - 0900 Dinner

0900 - 1200 Free time

1200 - 1230 Evening target practice virtual session

1230 - 1235 Break

1235 - 1355 Evening physical exercise session

1355 - 1400 Break, shower

1400 - 1500 Supper

1500 - 1600 Work with archives***

1600 - 0000 Sleep

* - Target practice using VR machines, so not to waste actual ammo. Practice in usage of conventional weapons available, making simulation as realistic as possible. Use static and moving targets.

** - Physical exercise for gaining weight and muscle on her feeble body, working out. If available, use Duel for sparring for half an hour every day. All the other activities are to be performed with use of training machines in rec room.

*** - Catching up on HMRC/ARM history, browsing armory items, doing minor arrangement work from time to time - basically staring into wristpad computer or datapad.


Stat Levels
Name Points Initial Total
Strength 0 0 -1 -1
Dexterity 0 0 -1 -1
Endurance 1 0 -1 -1
Charisma 0 0 -1 -1
Mind 0 0 +1 +1
Fate 0 0 +1 +1
Intuition 0 0 +1 +1
Skill Levels
Name Points Initial Total
Handiwork 0 0 0 0
Conventional 0 0 0 0
Unconventional 0 0 -1 -1
Exotic 0 0 0 0
Auxiliary 0 0 0 0
Medical 0 0 0 0
Gen.Knowledge 0 0 +1 +1

cybernetic eyes, hearing aid in right ear, robotic right leg.


  • 0 Tokens

In LockerEdit

  • Wooden prosthetic leg
  • MCP-I

Mission HistoryEdit

Last Levelup: Single point obtained from brief participation in Mission 20 Snapdragon

Mission 20 Rescue

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